Everywhen- Replacing Process with Connection 

Everywhen can teach us important lessons about our creative journeys too. If we approach our creativity as a process, we become stuck with a beginning, middle and end. Outcomes and finish lines become the purpose of the process. However, what happens if we approach our creativity with an everywhen mentality? The journey of creating becomes

Stop Being a Bully! An Easy Way to Manage your Inner Critic

When was the last time you really let someone have it? I’m talking about a real verbal lashing where you absolutely tore strips off the person. On first reflection, I imagine the average person hasn’t spoken to someone like that in a very long time, if ever. But I wonder, when was the last time … Read more

How the elite wield individualism as a weapon

As I was taking a shower the other day, I was looking at the hideous tiles in our desperately needs to be renovated bathroom. The accent border tile that was endemic to all Australian bathrooms of the 90’s is a blue and white beach motif that has been screen printed onto cheap white porcelain tiles. I am … Read more

Creative Poverty- Is there enough creativity for me?

Creative Conversations with Diana Henderson Blog Header

If you held a dandelion in one hand and a Faberge egg in the other, which one would you treasure? Probably the priceless Faberge egg. It would be so treasured it may be put in a glass box on tall shelf where it can be admired, but kept safe. Alternatively it could be of such … Read more

The Fallow Season- How to let things die, without dying

We are all aware of the idea of seasons. Everywhere we look on planet earth and the galaxies of outer space we see rhythm of seasons play out. Flowers bloom, then die, then bloom again. On a galactic level, stars are born and shine bright then eventually fade away. The timeline of these seasons can … Read more

The Myth of the Peacock and the Realities of the Octopus

If there is one lesson I could gift to all people it would be the understanding of The myth of the Peacock and the realities of the Octopus. It is a simple idea that has far reaching consequence. The Peacock is how an idea lives in your mind. The moment after an idea is sparked it begins … Read more

How Less Creates More Creativity in Business

THE PARADOX OF CREATIVITY Creativity has a funny paradox. We all would like more creativity in business! We like to think that in order to be successful in our business and creative pursuits we need lots of freedom and space. We often pursue creativity with this idea that we need a plethora of resources, time … Read more

Collaborate with The Clock

Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock Do you have a healthy relationship with time? There is very little else in our world that is as consistent as the ticking of time, and yet time rarely feels consistent. Like the swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock, we sway between being overly rushed to mind numbingly bored and can fluctuate between the two in … Read more

The Power and Simplicity of “No”

No…The Simplicity of it. Recently I heard about a study of some of the world’s most successful people. In the study they found that the more successful a person was, the more often they said no. Most successful people in the world say no to almost every opportunity given to them. They save their “yes” for the … Read more

Book Review: “Let the Elephants Run”

The conversation around creativity is an ever-growing conversation. We can thank Steve Jobs for pioneering creativity in the corporate world, but many other significant business leaders and thinkers have continued this conversation and have made significant inroads in communicating the value of creativity. There is still a well-established idea that creativity is something that some … Read more