A Story Told Without any Words

Quality art creates mood and atmosphere and tells the world who we are and what we are feeling. Fine Art Photography can bring beauty and story into your space.

A selection of my most popular images are available as fine art prints in the shop. All images are printed on ragtime fine art paper, and are embossed, signed and registered in my art registry. There are limited editions of each print and once sold out will be removed permanently from the shop.

The beautiful paper used for printing has a similar texture to watercolour paper and gives the images a painterly quality that perfectly suits my unique style of photography. This printing process means all fine art prints have a matte finish and are not glossy.

Fine Art Photograph by Diana Henderson

"The Lifecycle of Love" April 2020


Are you looking for the perfect piece of art work for your home or office but feel overwhelmed trying to pick the piece that is going to be just right? Don't worry, I can help you pick the right piece and the right size . Reach out via my contact page. I would love to help you choose a fine art print that will absolutely sing.

Fine Art Photograph by Diana Henderson

"Faith Gone to Seed" November 2021


Are you looking to commemorate a special person or event? What could be more meaningful than creating a singular image that encompasses that story in a unique way.

Through a process of conversations and research I immerse myself in the story you want to tell in your bespoke art. Using what I learned I work with you to develop a photoshoot that captures your story.

Once the idea is signed off, I create the individual art work. I then collaborate with you to print and frame your fine art in a way that best suits the image as well as your decor.

Your image will never be printed for anyone else. It is your own bespoke piece of art for you and you alone.

To learn more please enquire via the button below, or feel free to ring to discuss. Please note that due to the time I put into each bespoke project, prices start at $995.

Your Story Told Through My Lens

The camera is a funny thing. I sometimes wonder if it has magic powers! You see, a camera simultaneously never lies, but at the same time doesn't always capture truth. It is this mystery I love bringing to my work.

My fine art work is about telling stories and creating meaning. Each element is carefully curated to take the viewer on a journey of emotion. I consider it holy work to capture the stories that will one day be the history and lore of coming generations.