Creative Consultancy


I help individuals and organisations move an idea from thinking about it to doing it. It looks different for each project, and it can be as simple as a zoom meeting or a coffee catch up where I help you make actionable decisions regarding your creative project.

In other cases I can help with more detailed support such as identifying funding ideas like grants or local collaborations.

At its essence creative consultancy is supporting creatives to take their passions and put them to work.

Diana Henderson

Is it for me?

Who could use Creative Consultancy? Anyone who has an idea that they are struggling to move from "thinking about it" to taking action".

I am an expert at connecting people and information. For example, I don't know how to produce a studio album, but I know what you need to do to start moving forward, and I can connect you with other experts in that field.

Some ideas of the sort of projects or dreams I can help you with

  • Hosting a workshop or a retreat on a topic you are passionate about
  • Putting together a gallery show
  • Creating a large piece of work (like an album, portfolio or website)
  • Making a plan to pursue a writing project such as a book or a blog
  • Creating and running a large scale community event
  • Grant and alternative funding Ideas
  • Writing speaches or preparing for presentations
  • Creating your own creative practice that is life giving
  • Building a community or charity

CASE STUDY- The Lab Factory

A 500 sq/m co-sharing space in Rockingham, Western Australia, The Lab Factory was co-founded in 2016 by Diana. The Lab Factory was designed to be a place for corporate and creatives to collide. With  multiple businesses, including solopreneurs and small businesses right through to national and international companies operating from the space, it soon became a hub for business and a place to connect with the local community.

With multiple community events, workshops, and artist in residence programs running monthly as well as internships with Curtain and Murdoch, it soon became the go to place for thought leaders and innovators to collaborate.

The Lab Factory launched multiple businesses, both traditional and creative, and over time became an inspiring space where creativity, collaboration and innovation flourished.


Bunser Burner_Logo
Final logo City Woman_Combination Mark
Department of Transport
Elova (2)

Client Review

"I have been working with Diana Henderson who has really helped to give me a clear idea on what Elova represents. I was very fortunate to have Diana guide me. We discussed things more than just logo's and colours, but everything that I wanted the brand to reflect. Things like-

How important it is to me to provide the best experience to each and every one of my clients

How I want people to feel when they wear my jewellery

To speak volumes of my passion for traditional craftsmanship to create long lasting heirlooms

The importance to only source materials from Australian suppliers

To create a purpose driven brand that not only serves my family, but one that also supports issues close to my heart

After our brain-storming, logo development and new brand colours we moved onto photography! Diana was able to capture the most beautiful and also AWESOME photos for me to reflect everything that we had discussed. I am so incredibly excited for this launch and very grateful to have had so much support."

Elova Jewellery-3

Erin Evans
Elova Jewellery -Hand-forged Jeweller

CASE STUDY- The Bunsen Burner Cafe

The Bunsen Burner Cafe is a grant-funded community cafe that helps people find employment through training and work experience. The cafe was set up as a mobile coffee cart, and created the opportunity for people looking for employment through the government JobSkills program to up-skill as baristas, gain work experience, and go on to secure permanent work at other cafes.

In collaboration with Five Senses Coffee and the local grocer, Malibu Fresh, all the coffee, milk, and cafe supplies where donated at or below cost. Five Senses also donated the barista training for each of our staff.

Utilising a Stronger Community Grant as well as a local council grant we were able to green up a previously unkept walk way, and turn it into a pop up cafe that serviced the multiple business as well as the dialysis clinic that operated around the space.


Larger projects are quoted individually, however a 90 minute Jump Start session is a great place to start. During your Jump Start session we will discuss your ideas, what work has been started (or not), and actionable next steps to get your creative ideas moving.

 Jump Start sessions are $249 and are done via zoom.