Renaissance is Here

The Origins of Creativity is Diana ‘a most recent book and it challenges everything we traditionally think about creativity- who it's for, where it comes from, and how we nurture it.

Whether you conisder yourself a creative or not, you will find invalubale lessons in how to embrace and noursih your own unique talents and passions in a way that brings renaissance not only to your own life, but to the community around you too.

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What People Are Saying...

"I am absolutely loving this book so very much. Every page is flled with a new delight to unfold and glean . Wow !  It’s a treasure trove and shown me a whole new level of reading ! The thoughtful way it’s put together is such a creative journey to relish in. Just brilliant !!!  Honestly love it . Thank you for writing it."

-Wendy Subke (Teacher and Artist)


An Advent Experience

Patterns. Rhythms. Habits.

Algorithms. Geometry. Ratios.

Canter. Pentameter. Verse.

Breath. Beat. Flow.

Every moment of creation, from galaxies being birthed to the breath you just breathed in… and now out… are made of patterns. Pattern is The Master of Masquerade and is known through all of history by a sundry of different titles, names, and attributes.

Knowledge is found in the understanding of cause and effect. Wisdom is found when patterns are identified and wielded or changed for our benefit… or destruction. Not all Wisdom is sound.

Isaiah Berlin said, “To understand is to perceive patterns”. What I now know is that to grow- to morph, to evolve- we must develop our patterns. To study patterns is to perceive all the knowledge of creation. Wisdom is knowing which patterns to embrace and reject.

Sacred Patterns is an advent book with essays and daily practices to prepare your heart for the season of advent.

Sacred Patterns

Only a few copies left

This is the final print of Sacred Patterns which means there are a limited number of copies left. Sacred Patterns makes a wonderful holiday gift for friends and family. There are also discounted 5 and 10 pack bundles that are perfect for a group of friends to work through together during the lead up to the Advent Season.