The Fallow Season- How to let things die, without dying

We are all aware of the idea of seasons. Everywhere we look on planet earth and the galaxies of outer space we see rhythm of seasons play out. Flowers bloom, then die, then bloom again. On a galactic level, stars are born and shine bright then eventually fade away. The timeline of these seasons can … Read more

Are you Willing to be Forgotten? Deer Trails, Pathways, and Highways, the real legacy of creativity.

When you think back, how many people can you name from your past? One-hundred? Maybe five- hundred? If you included celebrities and people of influence could you maybe remember one- thousand? I imagine that most of us would struggle to remember even a couple hundred. Of those hundred, how many would remember you? In one … Read more

The Myth of the Peacock and the Realities of the Octopus

If there is one lesson I could gift to all people it would be the understanding of The myth of the Peacock and the realities of the Octopus. It is a simple idea that has far reaching consequence. The Peacock is how an idea lives in your mind. The moment after an idea is sparked it begins … Read more