Diana Henderson

Creativity for All People

Helping people embrace their unique creativity and begin living their distinct purpose.
Diana's experience as a photographer, writer and entrepreneur afford her insights and fresh perspective on the topic of creativity. She has a unique gift of finding connections where others do not, and it is these connections that she imbues in her work. A renaissance is happening and Diana can be found holding her camera and pen, and unleashing words of encouragement to anyone who crosses her path.

Diana Henderson
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When Diana walks into a room, she sits quietly in the corner like her writing, waiting for a conversation and an encounter with the divine. When you start to listen, laying down your prejudice, a flow of wisdom comes. To find out more about Diana's books and writing by clicking the button below. Alternatively, come join the conversation over on the blog page.

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Fine Art photography is about encapsulating emotions and ideas in a single image. Fine Art Photography can make you feel deeply. If you are looking for photograpy for your home or office space, limited edition prints of some of Diana's most popular images can be found in the shop. Alternatively you can commission a custom piece that will be singularly printed for you alone.

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Creative COnsultant

Do you have a big dream?

It's time to turn your big creative ideas into reality.  Strong communities are strengthened by passionate people. If you have an idea that will enrich your community but need help moving from dreaming to doing, creative consultancy can help you move forward and be supported in the creative process.

The octopus and the Peacock

Why are the octopus and the peacock an important part of creativity? The peacock represents how ideas live in our mind before we have created and birthed them into reality. Our internal ideas have a hypnotic shimmer about them. However, most of the times when we take our ideas and bring them forth, they often end up looking more like an octopus. Learning to love the octopus is an important part of the creative process. This is why I have both a peacock and an octopus in my artist signature. It's a reminder to me that each stage of the creative journey holds its own joys and mysteries.